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AGIX Energy BV is a joint venture between two wind energy companies that operate in the European repowering and wind turbines decommissioning market, offering turnkey services for the purchase and removal of used wind turbines. 

We assume the role of general contractor and perform full project scope, bringing all applicable expertise to the table to ensure successful and smooth project implementation. 

Having professional subcontractors with multi-brand technology knowledge, AGIX Energy freely offers its services for any type of wind turbines and project specifics. The Company manages professional dismantling and lifting teams that operate under AGIX Energy’s leadership and responsibility to ensure successful and smooth project implementation.

AGIX Energy BV is truly building a history of wind turbines decommissioning in Europe operating in a new market that still lacks practical knowledge together with a regulatory framework. 


AGIX Energy BV is a joint venture between IX Wind of the Netherlands and Antro Group of Belgium.

Almost four years ago, Oxana Danilevich, managing director of the Antro Group of Belgium, one of the market pioneers in the sale and purchase of used wind turbines worldwide, noticed a stagnancy in the brokering market.

The market became more transparent, allowing selling and purchasing parties to find each other more easily, and the added value of brokers fell sharply. At that point, the idea of providing a full-service package came to mind based on multiple years experience gained by being involved in sales related operational scope. However, she realised that she couldn’t do it alone.

IX Wind of the Netherlands, with COO Tom Van der Linde, is an expert in wind energy. With more than a decade of experience in the development, consultancy and HSE in Europe and Asia, a collaboration between both companies seemed like a step in the right direction.

The Partners combined their core business knowledge of used wind turbines trade and wind energy operations. 

Strategies were tested and developed over the course of two years and a unique market proposition was developed. All the hard work paid off and the partners knew that they were onto something when they won the Westereems project, which became the 1st record in AGIX’s portfolio. This opened the doors for other projects including international scale.

AGIX became a full-fledged company in November 2021. Marvin Clazing joined Van der Linde and Danilevich as Director Operations. The three of them together make up the core team of AGIX.

Since their inception, AGIX Energy BV has worked on multiple projects across Europe to provide full-scope services that are currently unmatched in the industry.


Our Team

Tom van der Linde

Managing Director

Oxana Danilevich

Managing Director

Marvin Clazing
Marvin Clazing

Director of Operations

Glenn Molina

Project Manager

Mission Statement

To make the world a better place by contributing to a more sustainable future and providing world-class turnkey services that give wind turbines a second lease on life.
AGIX Energy BV facilitates the repurchase of used wind turbines from wind farms across the globe, contributing to a more sustainable industry.
Energy Transition

We fully support efforts to transition the global energy sector from fossil-based to carbon-free by facilitating the redistribution of used wind turbines to our global network, thus increasing the prevalence of wind energy installed power capacity.


AGIX assumes the role of main contractor on every project, performing full-scope services to ensure timely project implementation and achievement of set goals.