FRANCE: News from the site!

The weather conditions in the beginning of this week allowed to implement dismantling of 2 more Nordex N90 wind turbines (1 by each team) at Beauce project sites by AGIX Energy BV. The rotors and gearboxes were taken down during 1st operational day, and remaining components, including nacelles, control units and tower sections got finalized during 2nd day.

At this point of time, 6 #windturbines out of 13 are successfully dismantled in a safe way and in accordance with local requirements. One out of three project sites is completed as well and the operational teams have already mobilized to 3rd and last location to start preparations on 4 x Nordex 2.5 MW Beta units.

AGIX Energy BV is targeting to sell all units for #reuse as complete or as spare components. The negotiations with multiple interested parties are proceeding in a good pace. Several technical visits are scheduled for the next weeks.
We will keep you further updated!

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